Is Your Client Looking for a New Career?

They can dramatically improve their life with these new skills.

How Can we Help You!

How do you Enroll?

We have open tours on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:15pm.
At this time they will Pre-register and be given a tour of the facility. Below is a link to download the Pre-Registration Form.
We work with many organizations to obtain a sponsor for the student.
Here is just a few;
>Vocational Rehabilitation (VR),
>Full Employment Council (FEC),
>Catholic Charities,
>Kansas Workforce.
You can contact us and we can assist you in getting your client the skills needed to obtain a job.

How is the Class Run

>The class hours are 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.

>We treat this training like a new hire orientation, just like on a job.

>The student should be here by 7:45am.

>There is a dress code - Business Casual.

>Lunch is provided or they can bring their own.

>You can download a copy of the Code of Conduct on the link below.


Pre-Registration Form


Code of Conduct


Class Start Dates