Student Faq Section

Enrollment Guidelines

AASCT - The minimum a student can enroll is 17.

You will need you BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, STATE ID (drivers or non-drivers),
PROOF of RESIDENCY (letter with current address from Gov't, utility).
PROOF of INCOME for the last year (W2, last check stub or if release from DOC - release paperwork).

The minimum that BTKC requires is a 9th Grade education, but some sponsor's require HS diploma/GED/HiSet.
That is why you pre-register so we can find the right sponsor.

You must be able to read and write English.
You may be required to do an assessment.
We have an assessment test for the In-District students.
Sponsors also have assessments.

You must give BTKC and the sponsor a reliable way to contact you.
Preferred alternate phone number (family) and your email as a backup.

Also, make sure you have your voice mail set up so you can recieve messages conerning the enrollment process.

Enrollment Process

First, pre-register on-line, then contact WTI to schedule consultation/tour appointment.
Second, during your interview process you will be given a sponsor to work with.
Third, you must work with a Sponsor to get approved for the grant that is available.

The sponsor controls what the criteria will be and how long the process will take.

The sponsor will notifiy you when you have been approved and what date and time you will need to arrive.

If you have questions about this time/place contact us at 816-216-6075.

Business Casual attire.

Men-Button up collared shirt; Women- blouse.

NO tshirts, sweat pants or shirts, shorts. Nothing baggy or items hanging off clothing (safety issue)

Class Expectations

Arrive every day with good Hygiene (clean, deorderant, teeth brushed.

NO sagging. No wearing of hats in classroom.

NO cellphone will be used while in classroom and must be turned off..

Phones can be used during breaks and lunch.

BTKC will provide a lunch meat sandwich and cookies, along with a drink (coffee, water, tea, koolaid).

If you are allergic to certain food items please let staff know ASAP.

If you have dietary restrictions please let the staff know.

Out-Of-District Q&A

To be considered Out-of-District you must not reside in these counties:
Missouri; Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, Ray.
Kansas you must not reside in; Johnson, Leavenworth or Wyndotte.

First, Get on-line and pre-register at the web site

Second, WTI will call you to discuss which sponsor you will need to contact to start the approval process.

Third, once approved by the sponsor, WTI will discuss how you are going to get to KC and where you are going to stay.

There are many options in transportation. If you own a vehicle we can re-imburse for fuel. If you do not own a vehicleWTI will arrainge travel by bus or Amtrak.

Options for housing will be discussed with you. If you have family in the area you may stay with them if they are on a bus line or you can assure transportation from that residence to the school.

It is your responsibility to inform staff if you are not going to be in class.

If you leave the program you must inform BTKC immediately.

If you return home for the weekend (at your own cost). You must return on Sunday and must let BTKC know of this decision.